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Friday, February 20, 2015

New! The Science of Snow Sports: Volume 3

A new volume of The Science of Snow Sports has arrived! Volume 3 contains 40 graphs made from a wireless dynamics sensor system on a small sled, traveling on inclines of ice-topped snow. Similar to many snow sports, during the experiments the sled is either released freely or pushed, with a variety of motions laterally, uphill, and downhill. Comparison graphs include turns, drops, lifts, and flips. 

These data can be used for lesson plans by teachers and parents as supplements for traditional classes, as well as for special school projects, after-school enrichment activities, homeschool, and special science camps.

A sample graph from The Science of Snow Sports: Volume 3 is shown below:

Discussion Questions
  1. How far does the sled travel in the vertical plane? 
  2. How far does the sled travel in the horizontal plane?
  3. What occurs between 9 and 10 seconds?
  4. Describe the forces on the sled. 
  5. What is the maximum force on the sled? The minimum force?
  6. Calculate the final velocity of the sled.
  7. Describe the motion of the sled, using a full paragraph.

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