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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New! The Science of Snow Sports: Volume 4

A new volume of The Science of Snow Sports has arrived! Volume 4 contains graphs from laboratory conditions. The volume compares motion of different objects on curved surfaces which are similar to ski slopes. The main surfaces incline a mildly-abraded piece of HDPE plastic, molded into sloping and U-shaped inclines, and a curved piece of metal sheeting molded into a ski jump. Graphs show the motion of a model skier on skis and a snowboard, plus a variety of shapes of wood blocks, a cylinder, and a rubber ball, as they travel down these slopes.

These data can be used for lesson plans by teachers and parents as supplements for traditional classes, as well as for special school projects, after-school enrichment activities, homeschool, and special science camps.

A sample graph from The Science of Snow Sports: Volume 4 is shown below:

Discussion Questions
  1. How far does the skier travel in the vertical plane? 
  2. How far does the skier travel in the horizontal plane?
  3. Draw a sketch of the curved incline on which the skier travels.
  4. Describe the forces on the skier.
  5. Calculate the maximum velocity of the skier.
  6. What event occurs towards the end of the trajectory? Why?
  7. Describe the entire motion of the skier, using a full paragraph.
  8. The mass of the skier is 35.93 g and the mass of the skis are 4.60 g. The dimensions of the skis in cm are 7.1 x 1.3 x 0.2.  What additional calculations can be made with these values?

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