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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Free YouTube Videos Demonstrate Snow Sport Science Models in Lab

Two new YouTube videos from Schottenbauer Publishing demonstrate the science of snow sports in laboratory conditions. Coordinated with graphs from Volume 4 of The Science of Snow Sports, these videos demonstrate the motion of various wood blocks, a cylinder, a rubber ball, and plastic skier models on a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic surface. Both natural inclines and curved surfaces are modeled.

Additional data on snow sports can be found in the following science lab manuals from Schottenbauer Publishing:

Graphs & Data for Science Lab: Multi-Volume Series
  • The Science of Snow Sports 
    • Volume 1: Force, Acceleration, & Video Analysis (Outdoor Snow & Lab)
    • Volume 2: Force & Video Analysis (Plastic Models in Lab)
    • Volume 3: Force & Acceleration (Ice-Topped Snow)
    • Volume 4: Video Analysis (Models on Curved Surfaces in Lab)
Anthologies of 28 Graphs
  • The Science of Winter Olympic Sports 

Schottenbauer Publishing also features other books on sport science, including:

Graphs & Data for Science Lab: Multi-Volume Series

  • The Science of Athletic Training
  • The Science of Exercise Equipment 
  • The Science of Gymnastics 
  • The Science of Yoga, Pilates, & Ballet
  Anthologies of 28 Graphs

    • The Science of Physical Fitness
    • The Science of Gymnastics
    • The Science of Yoga
    • The Science of Dance & Ballet

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